8.9 Summary

What does all this mean in the context of Lessig's concerns? The jury is still out. Arguably the worst excesses of what both Lessig and his opponents have been fearing have not come to pass, though by 2007 the music industry were reporting that CD sales had dropped dramatically. With the advent of new P2P services like BitTorrent, which allow much faster sharing of large files, we have seen the movie industry facing similar challenges to their colleagues in the music industry, but we don't know what the future holds, other than to expect that the shape and form of these industries will be different, with an increasing proportion of their sales taking place via the networks. But Tim O'Reilly, the owner of a specialist publishing business, has some interesting advice for his fellow publishers and the other content industries in relation to their concerns about the impact of the internet on commerce.

8.8 Update on commons

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