Unit 8: Sport


In this unit you will learn about Scots language and Sport, introducing you to words which have been used to describe objects which are particularly relevant to Scottish sporting culture. Many of these sports were invented or codified in Scotland. Many have gone around the world to become international sports.

Some of the words we use in Scots have therefore become common around the globe, thanks to the importance of Scotland in the development of world sport.Those which have carried Scots culture around the world are: Bowls, Curling, Golf and Football. We will look at these games and study the many terms which are associated with objects from the sport or which describe the players or aspects of the game.

Important details to take notes on, throughout this unit:

  • A comparison of the games of Curling and Bowls, and Scots words related to these games

  • The history of men’s and women’s Football in Scotland

  • The influence of Scottish culture on important world sports as seen in Scots sports vocabulary language links

  • The history of the ‘tools’ used for playing Golf

Activity 1

Before commencing your study of this unit, you may wish to jot down some thoughts on the four important details we suggest you take notes on throughout this unit. You could write down what you already know about each of these four points, as well as any assumption or question you might have.

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8. Introductory handsel