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The diagram has a centre circle saying competitive rivalry and four arrows pointing inwards to it. From the top the arrow says threat of new entry, from the bottom the arrow says threat of substitution, from the left supplier power, and from the right buyer power. In each corher between the arrows are four boxes. The box in the top left says threat of new entry, time and cost of entry, specialist knowledge, economies of scale, cost advantages, technology protection, and barriers to entry. The box in the top right says competitive rivalry, number of competitors, quality differences, other differences, switching costs, and customer loyalty. The box in the bottom right says buyer power, number of customers, size of each order, differences between competitors, price sensitivity, ability to substitute, and cost of changing. The box in the bottom left says supplier poer, number of suppliers, size of suppliers, uniqueness of service, your ability to substitute, cost of changing, threat of substitution, substitute performance, and cost of change.