1.10 Reflection activity 1


Drawing from your study of this section:

You might like to write down your thoughts in the form of an essay, aiming for about 2000 words (excluding appendices and references).


This activity gives you the opportunity to engage with key ideas in this section and, in particular, the sociocultural approach and discourse features and strategies such as IRF sequences, scaffolding and exploratory talk. Your main source of information will be section 1 of this unit. Having followed the guidance and activites in this unit you will also find much related discussion and information in Hicks’s reading.

The activity should also allow you to explore the sociocultural perspective, which, building on Vygotsky’s work, informs this section. The notion of ‘discourse’ and the social nature of talking, thinking and learning are key ideas here. In applying your understanding and insights to an educational context you may draw on your own experience or practice from within either a formal context, such as a mainstream classroom, or an informal context, such as an interaction between a parent and child.

There is no feedback for this activity.

2 Literacy and learning