Every university has a named contact for Care-Experienced students who can advise on what support is available for them. If you don’t know who this is in your university, spend a few moments to find out. Their details and information about support can be found:

  • On your university’s website
  • On the Propel [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)] website – a dedicated resource for Care-Experienced young people in the UK to access the information and support they need to plan for further and higher education. 
  • On Student Information Scotland – a new website for Scottish students on all aspects of finance for their studies

Activity 10

Thinking back to some of the learner journeys in this section, what support does your university provide for Care-Experienced students that could improve their chances of completing their studies? 

Some of the supports identified in this Session include:

  • Articulation pathways
  • Financial support
  • A named contact for care-experienced students
  • Career advice and mentoring

What else can you think of? Have a look at the websites above and make notes in your learning journal or in the box below.

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