Providing opportunities

Corporate Parents are required to provide a wide range of high-quality opportunities which improve (rather than just safeguard) the well-being of Care-Experienced people. The aim is to help people become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors to their communities.

Case study: Carol

“Just to see the change that someone’s believing in you, someone’s got your back, and they’re providing opportunities, they’re supporting you, they’re there to chat whenever you want, I think it makes a big, big difference, because a lot of Care-Experienced individuals will come to college or university or wherever they’re transitioning into next, and the relationships have broken down or the trust has broken down. And the trust can’t be built back up overnight.

I think once you build the relationships up with people and they’ve got a wee bit of confidence behind them, there’s no stopping them.”

Activity 14

Your institution will have a Corporate Parenting action plan.

Find an example from your plan on how your institution plans to provide opportunities and make notes on how your role could contribute to this.

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Making sure Care-Experienced people can access opportunities, services and support