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Motivating pupils

Motivating pupils

Anything for school:

In this drama, pupil Adjua is determined to go to school. What is motivating Adjua to come to school? In some schools, children are absent from classes at the end of the week. What different activities could you use to motivate your pupils to come to school on Fridays?

Anything for school - Audio

Anything for school - Synopsis

Anything for school - Transcript

Plantain seller:

To make learning more effective, we should try to link new ideas and activities with the pupils' previous experiences. How does Linus use this here at the school sports event?

Plantain seller - Audio

Plantain seller - Synopsis

Plantain seller - Transcript

The music teacher:

Our pupils are often very knowledgeable about a wide range of topics. How can you use this knowledge in the classroom? Have you tried giving pupils time to share their hobbies and knowledge with their classmates?

The music teacher - Audio

The music teacher - Synopsis

The music teacher - Transcript