Resource 2: Family network

Teacher resource for planning or adapting to use with pupils

This is a good opportunity for you to ‘model’ the behaviour/activity that you want your pupils to take part in. On the chalkboard, or on a large sheet of newsprint/blank paper, draw a family tree like the one below using your own family (or a made-up one if you don’t feel comfortable with this). Talk about what you are doing as you draw it. Explain how one side is the mother’s side and the other the father’s. Maybe tell some funny stories about some of the people in the tree.

The pupils could copy it into their notebooks.

Each pupil should then make a list of the people in his or her family that they want to include in a family tree, draw the correct number of boxes and then fill them in. This could involve more or fewer boxes than are shown here.

Perhaps they too could have a chance to tell some stories about people in their family.

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