Resource 4: Features of good cover design

Background information / subject knowledge for teacher

Taken from:, Oh, Kojo! How Could You!, published by Macmillian Children’s Books 1988 (Accessed 2008)
  • Eye-catching – a potential reader is attracted to the ‘look’ of the cover.
  • The title is carefully positioned on the page and stands out clearly.
  • The title encourages readers to open the book.
  • The words of the title and the name(s) of the author(s) are easy to read.
  • The use of colours attracts the reader.
  • The use and position of images (drawings or photographs) on the page attracts the reader and these images are ‘connected’ with the book.
  • There is some ‘open space’ on the cover so that the design is not too ‘crowded’.

Resource 3: Turning pupils’ stories into a ‘Big Book’