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Are you thinking about starting a college or university course? If so, this course provides an opportunity for you to reflect on your English language skills. There could be many reasons why you might want to do this. You may have been educated in a language other than English, or perhaps you studied in English but in another country where the conventions are different from those used in the British educational system. Alternatively, you may have studied in Britain but not at degree level.

This course provides a sample of Level 1 study in Education.

Learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • study in English at higher education level
  • make a choice about the suitability of higher education
  • identify language areas which require further development.

Before you start

We would really appreciate a few minutes of your time to answer a few questions in our start-of-course survey to enable us to understand who is interested in this course. Participation will be completely confidential and we will not pass on your details to others.

There is also an end-of-course survey which you will need to complete in order to receive a certificate recognising your successful completion of this course.

Now go to Step 1 Am I ready to study in English?