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Dealing with sensitive issues

Dealing with sensitive issues

Adjua’s predicament:

In this drama, listen to the way teacher Titus deals with a sensitive situation which could arise in any classroom. How does he maintain confidentiality? How does he act professionally with both Adjua and her mother? How would you have dealt with this situation? Have you ever had to cope with a situation like this? If so, what did you do?

Adjua’s predicament - Audio

Adjua’s predicament - Synopsis

Adjua’s predicament - Transcript

The notorious fighter:

As you listen to the drama involving pupil Tunde and his teacher, think about the extent of your professional role as a teacher. Have you ever visited parents of your pupils? When might you do this and for what purpose?

The notorious fighter - Audio

The notorious fighter - Synopsis

The notorious fighter - Transcript

The chase:

Our responsibilities as teachers extend to dealing with sensitive topics and making sure our pupils have the knowledge to cope with different and sometimes difficult situations. If you were Njideka's teacher, how could you help in this situation? How do you deal respectfully and sensitively with this type of issue as a teacher?

The chase - Audio

The chase - Synopsis

The chase - Transcript

Where do babies come from?:

Our pupils come to school with many different ideas from different sources. Listen here to how two girls try to find an answer to their question: where do babies come from? Our role as teachers is to assist pupils in making sense of what is around them and develop their ideas and understanding of the world (towards the accepted understandings). How would you suggest that Munira and Adjua's teacher helps to deal with the girls' confusion?

Where do babies come from? - Audio

Where do babies come from - Synopsis

Where do babies come from - Transcript