9.2 FAO

Regional guidelines for AMR surveillance in zoonotic bacteria carried by healthy animals raised for human consumption and animal-derived food products focused on south-east Asia.

  • Supports a One Health approach to AMR surveillance by targeting AMR in zoonotic bacteria that may spread from animals to people, focusing on antimicrobials that are critically important for human health.
  • Focuses on AMR surveillance in food-producing animals and food products.
  • Emphasises the importance of representative sampling to generate an unbiased estimate of AMR prevalence in target bacteria.
  • Comprehensive description of laboratory methods and guides AMR data management, analysis and interpretation.
  • Presents AMR surveillance planning tools and a regional template for AMR data collection.
  • Does not cover AMU surveillance.
  • Can readily be adapted and contextualised for AMR surveillance in other regions.
  • First of a set of five AMR and AMU surveillance guidelines that the FAO is in the process of producing. Additional guidelines will address AMR surveillance in clinically ill animals and in aquaculture, as well as antimicrobial use at the farm level.