9.4 Mott MacDonald

Guides animal health officials in the countries supported by the Fleming Fund Country Grants (FFCG) programme to design and implement an active surveillance programme for AMR in zoonotic bacteria carried by healthy broilers and chickens.

  • Aligned with the guidelines prepared by the FAO, OIE and AGISAR and helps countries to implement these broader guidelines within the framework of the FFCG programme.
  • Supports a One Health approach to AMR surveillance by targeting resistance in zoonotic bacteria, aligning with the bacteria targeted in the above guidelines, focusing on antimicrobials that are critically important for human health.
  • Focuses on AMR surveillance in healthy poultry.
  • Presents options that enable countries to adapt and contextualise the surveillance based on their poultry production and marketing systems, laboratory capacity, and existing AMR surveillance capability and information.
  • Provides guidance for selecting surveillance areas and for designing a representative sampling plan that will generate unbiased estimates of AMR prevalence in the target bacteria.
  • Does not guide AMU surveillance.

9.5 Reflecting on the One Health guidelines