Statistics in society

Introduction and contents

The materials listed below are presented on the following pages of this unit in pdf format.

  • MDST242 US Update Supplement;

  • MDST242 A0 Introduction;

  • MDST242 A1 Prices;

  • MDST242 A2 Earnings;

  • MDST242 A3 Surveys;

  • MDST242 A4 Relationships;

  • MDST242 A5 Review;

  • MDST242 B1 Truancy;

  • MDST242 B2 Class size;

  • MDST242 B3 Reading aloud;

  • MDST242 B4 Factors affecting reading;

  • MDST242 B5 Review;

  • MDST242 C1 Testing new drugs;

  • MDST242 C2 Scientific experiments;

  • MDST242 C3 Is my child normal?;

  • MDST242 C4 Smoking, statistics and society;

  • MDST242 C5 Review.


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Learning outcomes