Sense installation

1 Watch the video

Watch the video below, which will introduce you to Sense and the SenseBoard.

Note: please do not worry if your SenseBoard has fewer input or output sockets than the one illustrated here.

Download this video clip.Video player: tu100_sense_installation_vid001.mp4
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Welcome. If you are watching this video, you’ve probably just received your SenseBoard box.

As you learn, you will be experimenting with all the items in the box, but for now we are going to familiarise you with the SenseBoard itself.

If you haven’t touched a circuit board before, don’t worry, you won’t damage it – get it out of the box and take a look.

The SenseBoard works with all types of computers, and with Mac, Linux and Windows operating systems.

On it you will see various ports, switches and levers, which you will use as the module progresses for things like motion, temperature and gaming experiments.

This video will show you how to install the Sense software that runs your SenseBoard – but there are more instructions after this video, so don’t try to remember every single step now.

All you need to get started is a free USB port, like the one you plug your printer into, and the installation software. For that, you’ll just click the web link and then follow the simple instructions.

Once the Sense software is installed you’ll plug in the board, open up the software program and you’ll be ready to go.

Through your SenseBoard, you’ll be experimenting with its temperature, motion and light sensors. You’ll use basic programming as you learn how to make the SenseBoard interact with the software onscreen.

We hope you enjoy using and learning with your SenseBoard – it’s designed to be a fun introduction to computing and basic programming skills. To get started, click on the link at the bottom of the web page.

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Now you will install the Sense software, so move on to Step 2.

2 Install your Sense software