Open to change

Unit overview

Are you:

  • Going through an experience of change in your life?

  • Thinking about changing direction at work?

  • Considering a return to education or training?

This series of booklets are designed for people who are facing change, or who are thinking about making changes in their lives.

The booklets originally formed part of the Y004 Open to Change course, aimed at pre-degree level student, this has now been replaced by Y154 Open to Change.

The original materials also included audio-visual resources and additional printed materials which are not included in this unit.

The booklets from the course are presented here in pdf format for you to export and change as you wish.

  1. Facing change – helps you to think about the change you are facing and the reasons behind it. It encourages you to reflect on what you have learned from your past experience and to take stock of where you are in your life.

  2. Looking ahead - helps you to explore where you want to be in the future, plan the steps you need to take to achieve your goals, and think through what your decisions will mean for you and the other people in your life.

  3. Moving on – help you to take the first steps towards achieving your personal goals, enabling you to develop skills in communicating effectively, finding information and advice, and presenting yourself in writing.

Suggested study hours 40.

Format pdf for 17 PDFs arranged in three booklets.

Course materials