Issues in deafness

Introduction and contents

The materials listed below are presented on the following pages of this unit in pdf format.

  • Block 1 Issues in deafness

    • Unit 1 Perspectives on deafness: an introduction

    • Unit 2 The deaf community

    • Unit 3 British sign language, communication and deafness

    • Unit 4 Being deaf

  • Block 2 Deaf people in a hearing world

    • Unit 5 Education & deaf people: learning to communicate or communicating to learn?

    • Unit 6 The manufacture of disadvantage

    • Unit 7 Whose welfare?

  • Block 3 Constructing deafness

    • Unit 8 The social construction of deafness

    • Unit 9 Deaf people as a minority group: the political process

    • Unit 10 Deaf futures revisited

  • Other materials (not included in OpenLearn Works)

    • Reader J.Bishop, G. Taylor (eds.) Being deaf: the Experience of Deafness ©OU 1991 0861871677/1766 Printer London

    • Reader S. gregory, G. Hartley (eds.) Constructing Deafness © OU 1991 0861870573/10565 Printer London

    • Study skill booklet

    • Resource booklet

    • Video handbook

    • Legislation booklet

    • Four video cassettes


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Learning outcomes