1.3 What’s in This Course?

This course is divided into five units including this introduction. Each unit encourages you to see how learning can underpin personal change:

  • Unit 1: Course Overview introduces the course. It gives you an idea of how the course is structured and what approaches to learning and change it takes.
  • Unit 2: You and Your Learning is the first of the three steps that organize the course’s approach to learning to learn. In this unit, the most obvious focus is on the perspective that you have on your own learning. However, as you gather evidence about this perspective, we hope that you will begin to reevaluate it and to think about the possibility of change.
  • Unit 3: Exploring Learning encourages you to consider two additional perspectives that can illuminate your learning. The first is the perspective that other people you know can provide; the second is the perspective that can be provided by academic theories about learning. We think that these two perspectives can help you prepare for personal change.
  • Unit 4: Where Next? completes the discussion of academic theories. It also acts as a guide to help you establish where you want to go and what you want to achieve. In this part of the course, you are encouraged to develop a personal action plan. The focus returns to your own viewpoint and you are encouraged to change or modify how you think about using Learning to Learn. The unit also looks at how online learning communities can be used as part of the process of learning and personal change.
  • Unit 5: Reflecting Backward, Reflecting Forward is an opportunity to review what you have learned while you have been studying Learning to Learn. We are sure that you will feel that you have had an enjoyable and important learning experience. We hope that you will also be able to think about how you will take forward what you have learned from the course, perhaps building and developing your action plan in order to support other aspects of change.

As you work through the five units you will be given the opportunity to demonstrate your learning and skills by completing up to eight challenges: 

  1. The Web Evaluation Challenge.
  2. The Qualities, Knowledge, and Skills Audit Challenge (Part 1).
  3. The Theory Challenge.
  4. The Social Learning Challenge.
  5. The Action Plan Challenge.
  6. The CV/Resumé Challenge.
  7. The Qualities, Knowledge, and Skills Audit Challenge (Part 2).
  8. The Reflection Challenge.

You will find out more about these challenges and the activities involved in completing them in Section 1.7.

Sections 1.1–1.3 were intended to give you a better idea about the course itself; Section 1.4 aims to give you a better idea of what it will be like to study in this course.

1.2 The Course and its Viewpoints

1.4 Learning Through Activities