1.7.3 How to Complete a Challenge

The Learning to Learn challenges are all optional. However, we recommend that you complete as many as you can in order to get some recognition for your learning on this course and for the skills that you have developed and knowledge you have gained.

It is not essential that you complete the challenges in sequence but we recommend that you do so, because the challenges are closely linked with the course content. Each challenge will require you to have worked through specific parts of Learning to Learn. Of course, you may start the course already possessing some of these skills or some of the knowledge required to complete a challenge—if so, then you have a headstart!

At key points in the course you will be told that you may now be ready to complete a particular challenge.  You will be provided with a link to a dedicated page for that challenge. This page will contain information about:

  • The focus of the challenge.
  • The benefits of completing the challenge.
  • What you need to do to complete the challenge.
  • The evidence that you will create in the process of working on the challenge (for example, a Qualties, Knowledge, and Skills Audit or a CV).
  • How you might use this evidence in the future in order to demonstrate your skills and knowledge.

The “challenges”section of the Learning to Learn website contains links to the eight challenge pages.

1.7.2 About the Learning to Learn Challenges

1.7.4 Frequently Asked Questions About the Challenges