3.1.2 What Problems Might You Have with Getting Feedback?

Tina is very lucky to have two sources of feedback—her friend Sophie and the interview panel. However, getting feedback is not always easy and only you know what problems you might have with finding someone to be a mentor and give you feedback about your own qualities, knowledge, or skills. There may be all kinds of reasons for this. You might not feel that you know anyone whom you would trust to give you feedback in a way in which you would find helpful. Acting as a feedback-giver can put someone in such a powerful position that you might feel uncomfortable. You might feel that you do not know anyone who has the right qualities and skills to help you. Also, other people’s opinions can make you feel less confident about yourself and may get in the way of creating a clear picture of your strengths. It is therefore important to choose someone whom you trust to have your best interests at heart.

Activity 3.2: Problems with Getting Feedback

Timing: Allow about 10 minutes for this activity

This is a required activity for Challenge 8: The Reflection Challenge.

Take a few minutes to think about who you could ask for feedback on the three main skills areas that are the focus of this course: communication skills, problem solving skills, and organizational skills. Then, make an entry in your Learning Journal [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)]   with the title “Activity 3.2: Who Could I Ask for Feedback?” and note your thoughts about which people you might ask for feedback. If you can’t think of anyone to ask, then make a note of this instead.


Every student of Learning to Learn will have written something different in their Learning Journal as a response to this activity. If you struggled to think of anyone you would be comfortable with asking for feedback, don’t worry—the next section of the course will offer some alternatives to gaining feedback from real human beings.

3.1.1 Why Can Feedback be Useful?

3.1.3 How it Might Be Possible to Get Another Perspective