3.3 Preparing to Move On—Connecting Theory with Skills

Unit 3 of this course has been encouraging you to think about using two additional sources to help you prepare for change. The first of these sources has been other people that you know. The second has been a selection of academic theory that can be linked to learning. We hope that these have added to your knowledge and understanding of your learning.

Here, the focus shifts to gauging how your work with these two sources has used and (we hope) developed a number of your skills. As you know from your study of this unit, skills is quite a loaded term. It is important to be clear about what type of skills we are talking about here. Learning to Learn refers to two different but related sets of skills. The first set is academic skills. The second set comprises those which you met in Unit 2—communication skills, problem solving skills, and the skills involved in being organized. Let’s look at how you may have used each set in this unit.

3.2.9 Further Reflection on the Usefulness of Learning Theories

3.3.1 Academic Skills