3.4 Conclusion

In this unit you have explored two aspects of learning. The first has encouraged you to consider the importance of the views of people you come into contact with. These views can give you additional perspectives. This can be useful, as a new perspective can make you stop and reconsider aspects of your learning in ways that may not have occurred to you. However, these additional views can give you new problems to solve. You have to decide what you are going to do with this information and how, if at all, it affects the way you see yourself as a learner.

You have also been encouraged, over the course of this unit, to think about a range of theories about learning. These form an important aspect of your academic study in Learning to Learn. They give you the chance to practice using academic skills. You have also been invited to use these academic skills to see if these theories demonstrate their value in terms of helping you better understand your own learning.

The next unit aims to bring together the work that you have done in this and previous units. As you work on your personal goals for change and development, we hope that you will draw on your awareness of how you learn, the feedback from others, and your understanding of theory.

3.3.2 “Real-World” Skills