Challenge 3: The Theory Challenge


Unit 3 will prompt you to think in some detail about various theories of learning, which we hope you will find interesting. You will also be encouraged to think about the ways in which these theories help you to better understand your own learning experiences and inform your personal development decisions.

You have already learned that it can be valuable to gain other perspectives on your learning and development. Studying and reflecting on theories of learning is one way of gaining access to additional perspectives, and can help you to make sense of and better understand your own experiences.

Why Complete this Challenge?

Completing the Theory Challenge gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your:

  • Knowledge of the theories that you have studied.
  • Ability to select the most important points made in a piece of academic writing.
  • Ability to evaluate other people’s ideas.
  • Ability to link theory with your own experiences.

The skills involved in completing the Theory Challenge are not limited to academic study. They have “real-world” value. On a personal level, being able to read through a document, identify the most important points, and consider their relevance to your own situation could be incredibly useful. In the world of work, these skills are often sought by employers—and it may improve your chances of getting a job interview if you are able to show that you can summarize and evaluate the ideas of others and apply them in new contexts.

What’s Involved?

The required activities for the challenge are:

You will be prompted to complete these activities as you work through Unit 3.

What Evidence Will be Generated for this Challenge?

Your Learning to Learn Activity Record will show that you have completed this challenge. You will be able to download, save and/or print your Activity Record. You will also be able to save and print your responses to each of the activities to use in conjunction with your Activity Record, as evidence of your skills.

In addition, your response to the final activity for the challenge, Activity 3.19, will be useful for your own future reference—either as a reminder of the key features of the learning theories you have studied or as a prompt for future reflection on the relevance of these theories to your own learning.

You should now return to Unit 3: Exploring Learning.