5.2.2 Looking at Job Announcements

Activity 5.2: Looking at Job Announcements

Timing: Allow about 30 minutes for this part of the challenge.

This is a required activity for Challenge 6: The CV/Resume Challenge.

This activity gives you the opportunity to practice reading job announcements in order to extract what’s most significant for the company that is advertising the job.

Cricket Retail, a fictional company, is looking for a Retail Sales Representative. Read the job description [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)]   and identify the key words. When you have read the job description, do the key words quiz based on it.

Once you have looked at the example we provide, you should then find a job announcement that is close to the sort of work that you would like to do. There are many sites that advertise jobs. Here are a few of the ones that we have found—when you look through these sites, remember what you learned about evaluating internet resources:

  • Glassdoor: Operates in many countries internationally and also gives suggestions about the worst companies to work for.
  • Careerjet: An employment search engine that identifies opportunities by industry and location. It is also worldwide. Typing “Maryland” on this site listed jobs that included bus and truck drivers, medical assistant/phlebotomist, and a retail loss prevention detective.

Other examples include:

For the next part of this challenge, you need to find another job announcement for a job that you might be interested in. Try to use a website that posts many jobs where you live.

We realize that it is sometimes not easy to get into or to get back into the labor market; however, at this point we are not asking you to start applying for jobs. The focus is on you developing your CV or resume. You should now go on to the next activity.

5.2.1 Introduction to CVs and Resumes

5.2.3 The Playroom Attendant’s Resume