5.4.1 What is Reflection?

Activity 5.11: What is Reflection?

Timing: Allow about an hour for this activity.

This is a required activity for Challenge 8: The Reflection Challenge.

The Reflection Challenge begins by asking you to read “What is Reflection?” [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)]   When you have read this, you are asked to relate some of the ideas to a situation you have experienced. After reading  “What is Reflection?,” please use the back button on your computer to return to Learning to Learn course content.

When you have read the resource, select a situation you have recently been involved in. With this situation or experience in mind, try to answer the eight question at the end of “What is Reflection?” Write your answers down in your Learning Journal under the heading “Challenge 8: What is Reflection?” When you have done this, read through what you have written and use your Learning Journal to answer this question: Which aspect of learning from this course will be most important to you in the future?

5.4.2 Being Aware of Your Habits