The actual words of Karen, Levene and Shehnaz in the video are spoken by actors. The video images are also of the actors. No images of Karen, Levene and Shehnaz appear in the video.

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Figure 2.1: Reproduced with the kind permission of the University of Surrey.

Figure 2.6: Reproduced under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License,

Figure 3.6: Copyright © John Chapple/Rex Features.

Figure 3.9: © courtesy of D O’Neil.

Figure 3.10: Copyright © Hulton-Deutsch/Corbis.

Figure 3.12: Copyright © Barron Claiborne/Corbis.

Figure 3.13: Copyright © Jeff Greenberg/Alamy.

3.1.4 Johari Window animation: developed with software under terms of licence.

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