Challenge 6: The CV/Resume Challenge


This challenge explains what CV and resumes are, and what their purposes are. It also helps you to prepare a CV or resume of your own.

Why Complete this Challenge?

This challenge will be particularly valuable to you if you have already completed:

  • Challenge 2: The Qualities, Knowledge, and Skills Audit Challenge (Part 1).
  • Challenge 5: The Action Plan Challenge.
  • Challenge 7: The Qualities, Knowledge, and Skills Audit Challenge (Part 2).

If you have completed these challenges, you may have decided that part of what you want to achieve is a job or career that build on your qualities, knowledge, and skills. If that is the case for you, then this challenge will be useful in focusing the evidence you have collected about yourself in order to use it to think about what sort of career you would like and to produce a CV or resume.

What’s Involved?

Having completed the challenges listed above, the required activities for completing Challenge 6: The CV/Resume Challenge are:

  • Activity 5.1 [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)] —reading background information about CVs or resumes, and their role in job seeking.
  • Activity 5.2—analyzing job announcements.
  • Activity 5.3—looking at examples to learn about writing a CV or resume.
  • Activity 5.4—writing your own CV or resume.
  • Activity 5.5—reflecting on what you have learned about yourself as a result of doing this challenge.

What Evidence Will be Generated for this Challenge?

You can claim a Learning to Learn certificate to show that you have completed this challenge. You will be able to download, save and/or print your certificate. The certificate should be used in conjunction with your completed CV/Resume Challenge quiz answers as evidence.

You should now return to Unit 5: Reflecting Backward, Reflecting Forward.