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Text boxes connected by lines illustrate Lesley’s experiences over time. Content and position of boxes are listed as they appear from left to right. This figure has extra boxes positioned next to timeline boxes with learning points noted that are linked to particular events or experiences. This list repeats the timeline with the learning points added as they appear.

Trained to be a nurse in London; Travelled and lived in Turkey for a year; Two learning points: I enjoy learning; I’m open to new challenges. Moved to Scotland where parents had relocated from Kent; Worked as a nurse in Dumfries 1994-2004, married and had children; Two boxes positioned lower down suggests low points: Daughter ill meant a lot of time travelling to hospitals, juggling work; Son diagnosed with disabilities, impossible to work and be a full-time carer. Two learning points: I can communicate well with health and education professionals; I can manage caring, parenting and working. Timeline continues: Worked in retail part-time 2004-2007; Volunteered while son at school. Two learning points: I can budget, plan, organise and manage; I enjoy working as part of a team. Timeline continues: Regular support from carers centre and carers; Separated from partner, financial challenges; back and joint problems worsened. Learning point: I have to adapt what I do to fit my health. Two boxes positioned higher up suggest high points: Started Open University Course; Started business studies course. Learning point: I enjoy learning, I can pass a course, I can do it!