My support network

You have just reflected on factors that might help or hinder you in achieving your goals. Now it’s time to think about your support network.

We all need some help to get to where we want to be in life.

Are there people you know who can help you and support you: family members, friends, colleagues or fellow carers you have met through your local carers centre, or other organisations you have had contact with or activities you have taken part in?

Look at the spider diagram in Figure 6.3. This shows a full range of possible supports a carer might have. Can you think of any factors to add?

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Figure 6.3 Map of carers’ potential support network

Listen to Jade talk about the help she has received. What would her network of support look like?

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Have you experienced help in the same way as Jade? Are there people in your life now who you think will help you move towards achieving your aims? Think about the people and organisations that have helped you or who might help you in the future with any plans you have, before going on to the next activity.

What does your support network look like?