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OpenLearn courses on health-related conditions

Health and Social Care

Living with visual impairment

(Introductory, 30 mins)

What does the world look like to a person with a visual impairment? How does restricted vision impact on everyday life? How can you offer assistance without taking control? This podcast includes personal perspectives from two people living with severe visual impairment.

Designing space for dementia care

(Introductory, 8 hrs)

The lives of people with dementia can be improved by careful consideration of the design of the spaces in which they live. This unit provides examples of how good design transforms lives and mitigates symptoms.

Understanding dyslexia

(Intermediate, 20 hrs)

Dyslexia is a condition affecting literacy skills. This unit analyses how our image of normality affects the way we as a society define such conditions. You will learn how important it is to integrate the different psychological accounts of dyslexia in order to provide a full explanation of potential causes and strategies for remediation.

The autistic spectrum: from theory to practice

(Intermediate, 20 hrs)

In this unit you will discover the wide spectrum of disorders associated with autism and an equally wide range of approaches to diagnosis and treatment.


Type 1 Diabetes – a long-term condition

(Introductory, 25 mins)

What is type 1 diabetes and how do people with diabetes manage their symptoms?

Science of the mind: investigating mental health

(Intermediate, 1 hr)

Alcohol and human health

(Introductory, 6 hrs)

From a ‘hangover’ to cirrhosis this unit looks at effects of alcohol, both short and long term.

Understanding cardiovascular diseases

(Intermediate, 15 hrs)

This unit explains what happens in cardiovascular disease, when the heart’s performance is affected, how the normal function of the blood vessels is impaired and what treatments are available.


This course was written by Lindsay Hewitt, Sarah Burton and Julie Robson.

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