Ffynh 1R

Mr E. Williams [Iolo Morganwg] and myself have collected a great deal of information lately. About six weeks ago we had interviews with two merchants one living in New Orleans at the mouth of the Mississippi, and the other at St Louis, a little above the junction of the Missouri and the Mississippi. They have had continual accounts of the Madogion for many years which put the truth of their existence to those gentlemen beyond all doubt, and all agree of their being in a state of considerable civilization compared with the Indians ... Mr E. Williams has made a collection of all the material accounts between 30 & 40 in number respecting the Welsh Indians ... A great many Gentlemen are willing to subscribe to support people going over ... Mr E. Williams and a young man from Caernarvonshire [John Evans] will set off towards the latter end of the year, whether they meet with encouragement or not.

(William Owen Pughe’s letter to Paul Panton of Plas Gwyn, May 1792, National Library of Wales MS 9072E).