Ffynh 4G

I admonished the canons of St David’s ... in no wise to set forth feigned relics for to allure the people to superstition ... On St David’s Day, the people wilfully solemnizing the feast, certain relics were set forth which I caused to be sequestered ... Furthermore, though I might seem more presumptuous than needeth to motion any suit for the translation of the see from St David’s to Carmarthen ... I might there settle my continual consistory, assisted with learned persons, maintaining a free grammar school, with a daily lecture of Holy Scripture, whereby God’s honour preferred, the Welsh rudeness decreasing, Christian civility may be introduced to the famous renown of the King’s supremacy.

(William Barlow to Thomas Cromwell, March 1538 in Thos. Wright, Suppression of the Monasteries, 1843, pp. 184–5 [Tip: daliwch Ctrl a chliciwch dolen i'w agor mewn tab newydd. (Cuddio tip)] )