Ffynh 6R

South Wales, 22 March 1921.

What I would like to know is how I can save having anymore children as I think I have done my duty by my country having had 13 children9 boys and 4 girls and I have 6 boys alive now and a little girl who will be 3 years old in May. I buried a dear little baby girl three weeks old who died from the strain of whooping cough. I have not had much time for pleasure and it is telling on me now I suffer very bad from varicose veins in my legs and my ankles gives out and I just drops down. I am pleased to tell you that I received one of those willow plates from the News of the World for mothers often.

(Letter from Mrs R. G. to Marie Stopes, in R. Hall (ed.) Dear Dr Stopes: Sex in the 1920s, 1978, pp.17 [Tip: daliwch Ctrl a chliciwch dolen i'w agor mewn tab newydd. (Cuddio tip)] 18)