1.1.4 Further Reflection on Sudoku

Did You Find the Activity Difficult?

If you get stuck with an activity, it is fine to use part or all of the hint and see if you can then understand how to work the problem. For example, in the sudoku puzzle, the idea to cross out the column and row might have been sufficient for you to tackle the rest of the problem yourself. Or you might have needed to read through more of the hint and solution comments to fully understand what is going on. That is okay, too—it is a good way to learn. You can then try the similar problem in the self-check section to make sure that you have fully understood the ideas.

If you are still puzzled by it, try discussing the problem with someone else. Talking about a problem, particularly to someone who is not familiar with it, will help you to see it in a different light, and that might be sufficient for you to find the way forward yourself. Alternatively, a friend who has tried sudokus in the past or is following your introduction closely might be able to suggest a different approach to help you get started.

It can also be very helpful to take a break from a task and come back to it another time. Often an idea will come to you when you are doing something completely unrelated to your math study.

1.1.3 Reflection on Sudoku

1.1.5 Mistakes