1.1.6 More Reflection on Sudoku

Was the Activity Easy for You?

Any sudoku expert will have solved this particular puzzle quite quickly. After you have solved the puzzle and analyzed your approach, challenge yourself by asking questions. For example, what makes some sudoku puzzles easy while others are more difficult? Is there only one solution? How can you tell if a starting position will give a solution at all?

Whether or not you found it easy, as you work through the units, you will probably find topics that you do already understand and can therefore spend less time on. For most units, there will be extensions that encourage you to think about more challenging problems or ideas. Give them a try if you have some spare time. However, do any self-check sections or quizzes for all units. These will help you to see how you are getting on and if you might need to review a particular concept before moving on or seek some further help from a friend or member of your family.

1.1.7 Puzzles and Real-World Math