1.2.2 More Calculator Activities

Activity symbolActivity: Cross-Number Puzzle

Here’s a cross-number puzzle to give you some more practice using the calculator. It’s like a crossword puzzle, only with numbers instead of words. Draw the puzzle in your math notebook and then use the calculator to solve it. Do a few of the calculations in your head or on notebook paper, if you feel up to it. That makes great practice.

Calculator symbol The calculator can be accessed on the left-hand side bar under Toolkit.

  • 1. 21 multiplication 47
  • 1. 19 multiplication five
  • 4. 1788 division six
  • 2. 8003 multiplication nine
  • 6. 497 en dash 105 plus 12
  • 3. 1234 en dash 1216
  • 7. 1458 division three multiplication two
  • 5. sum with, 3 , summands one plus 11 plus 111 en dash 29
  • 9. 32 plus 681 en dash 13
  • 6. 517 division 11
  • 7. 21 multiplication 33 division seven
  • 8. 49 plus 49 en dash 48

Hint symbol


One great thing about cross-number puzzles is that hints are built into the puzzle. Most digits have to be correct in both directions, across and down.

Solution symbol


Crossword answer

Well done! You now know how to use the calculator and have done more math problems along the way, some containing patterns. Patterns play an important role in mathematics. You will discover more details about this in Unit 8.

To recap:

  • You can use the buttons on the calculator or the keys on your keyboard to enter numbers and mathematical signs.
  • Remember to clear each calculation before you begin the next using C.
  • Watch the screen as you enter the calculation to make sure that it is correct.
  • If a calculation or answer is very long, you may have to look for the complete answer in the white window, underneath the cropped number that shows in the black window.

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