1.3.3 Taking Notes

Keep your learning active. Consider using colored pens or highlighters to mark up different aspects in your notebook; for example, blue for important definitions, yellow for useful techniques, pink for questions that you want to come back to, and so on. This will make things easier to find if you need to scan back over your work later. Alternately, you may find a traffic light system works well for you—red for things you do not understand, yellow for areas that need more work, and green if you do understand the topic—and can apply it.

Some students like to use a fairly big notebook with one page for the mathematics and the facing page for notes and comments on how a concept works. Writing things down in your own words will help your understanding. This will give you a handy review of the main ideas that you can refer to later. People learn in different ways, and it is important for you to experiment to find out which methods work best for you. Your math notebook is yours!

Now back to the math …

1.3.4 New Vehicle