1.4 Misconceptions About Math

Have you heard that there is only one way to solve a math problem or that men are more talented in math than women? These are two of a multitude of misconceptions about math that persist in people’s minds … and they are completely wrong. Unfortunately, such incorrect statements are made every day, and many students believe them.

More Myths

  • You need a special math gene to be good at math.
  • False. We're all hard-wired at birth to do math. (It may be that dyscalculia—the numeric counterpart to dyslexia—affects up to 5% of the population. But if you’ve gotten this far, you’re not one of them.)
  • Using a calculator means that you don’t learn basics.
  • False. People may actually learn better by getting the mechanics of arithmetic out of the way.

And yes, research has shown that women can be just as good at math as men.

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1.3.6 Learning from the Activity