1.7 Quiz Time

Now that you have revisited the skills you have learned in this unit, give this short quiz a try! If you do get stuck on any of the questions, don’t worry—just go back and have another look at the material in this unit and then try again.

Practice Quiz

Now that you have taken the time to work through these sections, do this short quiz it will help you to monitor your progress

The quiz does not check all the topics in the unit, but it should give you some idea of the areas you may need to spend more time on. Remember, it doesn’t matter if you get some, or even all of the questions wrong—it just indicates how much time you may need to come back and review this unit! Or you may need to think about how you have been studying so far as well.  Maybe you were rushed at some points or needed to take more notes?  It is always worth thinking about your study techniques and if you may need to tweak these.

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1.6 Self-Check for Unit 1

1.8 Study Checklist