3.3.6 Multiplication and Division Strategies

Let’s try to figure out some shortcuts for when you are having trouble remembering the multiplication tables! Here are some strategies that you might find useful. You must remember the rules behind each one and try and practice those techniques that work best for you.


  • To multiply by 5, you can multiply by 10, and then divide the product by 2.
  • To multiply by 4, you can double the other factor, then double it again.
  • To multiply by 8, you can double the other factor three times.


  • To divide by 4, you can divide by 2, and then divide by 2 again.
  • To divide by 5, you can divide by 10, then multiply by 2.
  • You might find that your friends or family have some other ideas they find helpful – why not ask them?

3.3.5 Performing Multiplication and Division

3.3.7 Commutative Property