4.1 Exponents

[ When the exponent is 2, we say “squared.” When the exponent is 3, we say “cubed.” ] We know that multiplication is a way to represent and quickly calculate repeated addition. What if we have repeated multiplication? For example, say we have two multiplication two multiplication two multiplication two. In this case, 2 is being multiplied by itself four times.

In mathematics we write this as two super four and say “2 raised to the power 4.” The 4 is superscripted (raised) and referred to as the exponent or power. This notation tells us to take the base, 2, and multiply it by itself four times.

Let’s suppose we have five cubed. This number would be read as “5 cubed.” This is mathematical shorthand for five multiplication five multiplication five. Thus, equation sequence five cubed equals five multiplication five multiplication five equals 25 multiplication five equals 125.

There is some more new math language introduced in bold here. Add them to your glossary of terms in your math notebook now with your own definitions and examples.

4.0.1 What to Expect in this Unit

4.1.1 Expressions with Exponents