4.3.9 Decision Time

Step 4: Interpret the Answer

Now you can help me make an informed decision.

Activity symbol Activity: Contractor or DIY?

Should I hire the contractor and use the grant for placing the insulation in the attic, or should I do it myself?

Hint symbol


Compare the costs for each option.

Solution symbol


The cost of using the contractor is $250, after the grant is applied. The price of installing the insulation myself is $171. So, just based on these values, I might choose the DIY option.

However, there are additional factors that should be considered. Depending on the size of my vehicle, I might need to make several trips, or even rent a small moving van. The amount of time required to purchase, transport, and install the insulation, would be substantial, and as they say, “time is priceless.” Perhaps hiring the contractor is worth the difference in cost, making it the better option after all.

Although the mathematical solution suggests the DIY option, within the context of the problem as a whole, I’ve decided that using the contractor is the better option for me and my dad. Using math has helped me to make the decision, but other considerations have also played a part.

In the next unit will you have another chance to complete a similar home improvement problem yourself.

4.3.10 Reviewing the Process