Unit 6: Parts of the Whole

6 Introduction

The main focus of this unit is exploring how numbers can be expressed in different ways, and how the different forms of expression can make calculations or problems easier to tackle. By the end of the unit, you should feel more confident in dealing with fractions and decimals in everyday life.

Before you start work on the activities in this unit, skim through it to see what it contains. Make a note of the subheadings and activity headings that you recognize, as well as those that appear new to you. Then, based on your experience of the previous five units, try to estimate how long this unit is going to take you. Make a note of your estimate in your math notebook. The time you require will depend on your previous experience and your mathematical knowledge; everyone is different. However, this unit does contain some essential ideas that will be needed later in the course, so it is important to work through the activities thoroughly on the topics that are new to you, or perhaps long forgotten!

6.0.1 What to Expect in this Unit