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This is a timeline of nine boxes, mostly arranged in a horizontal line depicting high points and low points in Ying’s life where time increases from left to right, as shown in Figure 2.3. Extra boxes have been added to show Ying’s key learning points at specific times in her life. Unlike Mo’s timeline, it is not dated. It starts with school in China. The second box represents the time when she worked in a factory, and her first learning point where Ying realised that she was unhappy at work and needed a new career goal. Box three represents when she set up a clothes shop. This provided her second learning point as she learned new business skills. The fourth box is about her arrival in the UK, after which box five represents the high point when her baby was born. The timeline then dips to box six, representing the low point and the time before Ying learned English. All these events are associated with her third and fourth learning points of experiencing a new culture and lifestyle, realising that family is a priority for her. The timeline then rises again to the period when she learned English at college, as she learned that English skills are necessary to succeed in the UK. Box 8 represents the time when she studies at the OU, learning that study must be a priority, and the timeline ends at box nine when she gets a job as a bookkeeper. Her final learning points are that compromises may be needed to achieve goals, but these bring confidence, skills and self-awareness.

 Learning from experience