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This is a timeline of 10 boxes, dated and connected to each other, mostly along a horizontal line, which depict the high points and low points in Mo’s life. The timeline moves from left to right, with the two low points represented by boxes below the main line. The timeline starts on the left with a box dated 2004, when Mo graduated with a BSc from university in Iran. The timeline then moves to the right to a point when he worked on a research project at university in Iran between 2004 and 2006. The third box is below the line, representing a low point when Mo fled to the UK in November 2006. Box four is back up on the horizontal path for 2007 when he settled in Glasgow, where there were no ESOL places at college. The fifth box reflects 2008 when he was granted refugee status and started an HNC in computing. The timeline dips to a later time in 2008 (for the sixth box) when he had problems in Glasgow and moved to London. The timeline then rises to 2009 when Mo went on a New Voices course, met with Bridges, began OU study and restarted his HNC in computing. In 2010 (box 8), he volunteered with Venture Scotland, finished his HNC in computing and began his HND in computing. In 2011 he finished his HND and started university. Finally, box 10 shows that in 2012 he got a summer job at the London Olympics, entered his third year as a university student and his family knew he was safe.

 Experiences over time