7.1.2 Step 2: Additional Information

Activity symbol Activity: Anything Else?

Do you need any further information? What is it?

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The matting is almost like another frame that goes on top of the picture. You will need to cut a rectangle in the matting for the photograph to show through. What other dimensions would you need to know to determine how to reduce the matting? In order to determine the size of the frame you should buy, you will need to know the final overall dimensions of the mat.

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You still need to know how much of the photo should be exposed through the window of the matting. Based on the composition of the picture, you decide that it would look best if inches by inches of the photo was exposed by the matting.

Additionally, you want the matting to create a -inch border around the entire picture.

You might realize later that you need more information. If this happens, then you just add it to your list from above. Problem solving is a work in progress.

A sketch (not to scale) containing the above measurements would be useful at this stage, particularly if you are a visual learner.

Activity symbol Activity: Draw a Sketch of the Photo and Border


This is not drawn to scale, and this sketch is a printed one so that the measurements are clear—you just need to do a rough sketch—it's the measurements you write on the sketch that are important.

7.1.1 Step 1: Do You Understand the Problem?

7.1.3 Step 3: Breaking the Problem Down