7.1.3 Step 3: Breaking the Problem Down

This is an involved problem because there are many fractions floating around, so a useful strategy here would be to break it down into more manageable chunks by concentrating on one piece at a time. There are two separate problems.

  • How will you cut down the matting to achieve the appropriate border and expose the desired amount of the photo?
  • What will the final dimensions of the framed picture be? How much space do you need to have available to hang it?

The first problem will require addition and subtraction of fractions, based on the size of the matting, as well as the amount of the photograph you plan to reveal. The second problem relies on the answer you get from the first question.

Let’s focus on each of these questions one at a time. Be sure to follow along. It may be helpful to include sketches (no artistic talent required) along with any of the math.

7.1.2 Step 2: Additional Information

7.1.4 Step 4: Measuring the Matting