7.1.4 Step 4: Measuring the Matting

How will you cut down the matting to achieve the appropriate border and expose the desired portion of the photo?

We know that we want to cut a -inch by -inch window in the matting to reveal the picture. Since you also want a particular size border, you can start by measuring inches from the top, and inches from the left of the matting. At this point, another sketch would be beneficial:

Because you know how much of the picture you want revealed, you could start by measuring the top and left border, then measure inches down, and inches across, then add the right and bottom borders, making a rectangle which will provide the proper “window” for the photo.

It would be useful at this stage to calculate the actual width and length of the matting you need for the photo. This can then be used as a check before you cut the matting.

In order to figure out how much the matting was reduced by, the dimensions of the final matting must be determined.

7.1.3 Step 3: Breaking the Problem Down

7.1.5 Width of the New Matting