7.2.3 Step 9: Looking Back

When you complete a problem, you should always look back over your work. In this example, it is especially important, because you don’t want to incorrectly cut the matting. That could have cost you more money!

You should also consider which techniques you may be able to use in future problems. Here, breaking the problem down into small steps, using sketches, and using the real-world context of the problem helped. Perhaps you even could attempt to carry out this project in your home.

Another important strategy is discussing the problem with someone else. By explaining how you have approached the problem in your own words, or having another person provide insight and ask a question or two, you might clarify your thinking enough to find a way to move forward in your work.

Now you just have to decide in which room to hang up your old photograph. Lucky for you, you've already done the math!

7.2.2 Step 8: Dimensions of the Framed Photograph

7.3 Extensions and Further Exploration