7.3.1 Fraction Origami

Activity symbol Activity: Fraction Origami

Let’s go back to the paper folding activity in Section 1 of Unit 6. If you still have your sheet of paper, then use it. Misplaced it? Don’t worry—just pull out a new sheet of paper.

How many times do you think you can fold a piece of paper in half?

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Try it using your piece of paper. Really, it’s pretty fascinating! You can then try it using a tissue to compare your results.

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In theory, you should be able to keep folding your paper in half forever. However, as you’ve just experienced, you eventually had to stop, because you weren’t able to fold it in half any more. This is due to the thickness of the paper. Most types of paper get stuck at seven folds. What about yours? Do you think a larger piece of paper could be folded more?

Multimedia symbolThis video investigates it.

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7.3 Extensions and Further Exploration

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